What Is The Real Role Of Self-Help for People Who Stutter?

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Re: Therapy

From: Masuhiko Kawasaki
Date: 10/21/03
Time: 9:12:13 AM
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Thank you for your question. I think it is very natural for you to have questions about our approach. Of course I agree that fluency shaping and the reduction of stuttering is important. However, practically, it is very difficult to treat stuttering. In Japan, there are many PWS who spend lots of energy, time and money for the treatment of stuttering. However, in most cases, they result in having a sense of failure, and they develop negative image of themselves. In my opinion, the final goal in life not only for PWS but every person is to have positive feelings about oneself. In my case, Iím very happy even though I stutter. Not only me but there are many PWS who are happy. Conversely, there are many PWS who have negative self images, even though they seldom stutter. Thatís why I believe that emphasis on personal growth is much more important than focusing on fluency shaping or the reduction of stuttering.

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