Stuttering Didn't Stop Them

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This is a threaded discussion page for the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference. To ask a question or make a comment hit the POST link above which should bring up a POST ARTICLE form. Fill in your subject and name and type your question. Then, and this is important, hit the POST ARTICLE button just below the comments form. Your response is now posted, but you may have to hit the reload button on your browser to read it. For some internet service providers (like AOL), your post may not appear until the following day. Please do not repost messages several times. If you have followed the instructions, it should work. Between now and the end of the day on October 22, the presenters have agreed to respond to appropriate questions made by participants. Please do not use this page to create a personal agenda or to ask questions you should be able to find in a textbook about stuttering. Thank you very much for your participation!!

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Great Job Howie Schwartz 02 Oct 2004
Interesting! Jenny Vanderford 02 Oct 2004
One famous person who stutter in China Albert Zhang 03 Oct 2004
Re: One famous person who stutter in China michelle nelson @wwu 05 Oct 2004
Re: One famous person who stutter in China mo 09 Oct 2004
Re: One famous person who stutter in China Judy Kuster 09 Oct 2004
Reaction to article Aunie Gieseke, Communication Disorder Student 03 Oct 2004
"Stuttering Didn't Stop Them!" Evan Panitzke 03 Oct 2004
Role models Margo Kaufmann 04 Oct 2004
Diversity of People Who Stutter Bernie Weiner 04 Oct 2004
A Therapy Suggestion Julie Nelson, Communication Disorders Student 04 Oct 2004
Thank you Michael Sugarman 06 Oct 2004
We really enjoyed this look at others that stutter g 07 Oct 2004
Great Job, Excellent Resource Dick Mallard 07 Oct 2004
Stuttering Didn't Stop Them T. Jensen 07 Oct 2004
Great Accomplishments! Amy Weiss 08 Oct 2004
WOW Cassie Tegmeier 09 Oct 2004
Famous people who stutter Margaret Griffo 10 Oct 2004
Re: Famous people who stutter Judy 11 Oct 2004
Wonderful.... Retz 11 Oct 2004
Article 22 Marlene Green 12 Oct 2004
famous people Lori Friedrichs 12 Oct 2004
Great Article Ghimere Mainer SUBR Communication Disorders 14 Oct 2004
Gret Job Shayla Miller (Graduate Student CommunicationDisorders) 14 Oct 2004
Great Job Shayla Miller (Graduate Student Communication Disorders) 14 Oct 2004
Famous People Who Stutter 16 Oct 2004
Famous People Who Stutter Joanie Cahalan 16 Oct 2004
how this info might be helpful Julie Holub 17 Oct 2004
Alan Turing Vasu Parameswaran 18 Oct 2004
Re: Alan Turing Judy Kuster 18 Oct 2004
HElp ME!!! Joe 18 Oct 2004
Re: HElp ME!!! Judy Kuster 18 Oct 2004
Mary Beth Hetherton Great summaries 19 Oct 2004
And stuttering didn't stop YOU Anita 21 Oct 2004
Excellent Julie 21 Oct 2004
I never would have guessed! Amanda Rosenau 22 Oct 2004
It will never stop us Gina Waggott 22 Oct 2004
Inspiring stories Amy Toth, grad student 22 Oct 2004
THANK YOU EVERYONE! Judy Kuster on behalf of the undergrad class 22 Oct 2004
The threaded discussion is now closed Judy Kuster 22 Oct 2004

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