Why We Must Know More

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Re: Interesting article...

From: Retz
Date: 17 Oct 2004
Time: 20:54:35 -0500
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Darrell....Thanks for your reply. You and I could exchange about this forever, and still, I believe, we would disagree. Each of us believe what we want to believe. :)! I am ok with that. I just don't/won't ever buy into any of that stuff-- specially for CWS/TWS and their parents that I have the honor to serve and work with. Pete's a good guy and gifted professional, and I am glad he helped you. You were fortunate to have a good SLP to help you get to where you are.....Most of those who stutter do not have that experience with SLP's. I got lucky....I had a great one.... And am forever grateful for the road he took me down. A much different path than FS/FT/SM, or any integration of those approaches. Plus, He helped me learn how to share and implement the non-traditional approach with CWS, TWS and their parents. Am I fortunate or what! I just have to say it is ok that we disagree. I would never use any of that stuff on a child of my own....Never. Look forward to talking with you when we meet.

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