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Re: Synergistic Approach

From: Darrell Dodge
Date: 18 Oct 2004
Time: 03:16:46 -0500
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Hi Sarah: I thoroughly agree with what you say about the supportive therapy elements of helping the person explore feelings, attitudes, beliefs and communication challenges. This is a natural part of our Integrated Approach. We limited our *short* paper to speech shaping and modification techniques. We think that all good stuttering therapy has to be holistic. In fact, if one is really communicating with the person in therapy, I don't know how this could be avoided! But "holistic" also includes the speech part of therapy and that tends to get overlooked a bit in these ISAD conferences. We were particularly concerned that modification techniques that address fear be discussed (as distinct from shaping techniques that may not) because many clinicians may be afraid to use them. Thanks for reading our paper. - Darrell

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