Why We Must Know More

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I want to know more!

From: Carla Bernier
Date: 18 Oct 2004
Time: 20:44:45 -0500
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I thank you for your article, but found the comments of particular interest! I agree that this forum for presenting views on stuttering needs to include all facets, all perspectives, from persons who stutter to persons who don’t stutter, as well as including speech and language therapy approaches. The stuttering therapists of the past did what they could given the research provided. We have much more information to rely on today, and in fact, can tailor our therapies to our clients, with their input, and only with their input. I say to Retz, you never say “never”! When you have a group of six and seven year old boys, and one is describing his experience, and another little boy says “enough of the ba-ba-ba-ba-ba”! you want to die, but more than that, you want to do what ever it takes to eliminate that situation again! It would seem to me that doing nothing would precipitate silence in this young boy. I want to know more!

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