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Re: I want to know more!

From: Retz
Date: 19 Oct 2004
Time: 00:44:15 -0500
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Carla.... Appreciated your comments....your honesty in how you feel. None the less, there are countless (Million - three million depending on who you listen to) AWS in this country who stutter that have experienced therapies centered on FS/FT/ and Stuttering Modification techniques in order to stop or control their stuttering and made the decision during the course of this type of therapy that it is easy to stop stuttering.....just don't talk, I would NEVER risk that outcome with CWS/TWS...NEVER. Just like I would NEVER take or give arsenic....Never. But of course, there are those who say never say never....Not me though. Some things will kill you if you don't say never.... You sound like you can and would risk it...But me? Nope, Nada, Ain't gonna happen. The true test is would you do it with your own child. And if you are a SLP who does not stutter, I suggest you practice and use those techniques everyday, all the time, for 6 months...It would be interesting to talk with you after that experience. We who stutter already posess natural speech....Why not try to figure out a way to increase that? You think engaging in FS/FT/SM or integrating these techniques will increase talking? "It's ok to stutter, But...." I know on a most personal -- and professional -- level the devastating effects of choosing silence after engaging in therapies that center on stopping or controlling stuttering. Whether our profession wishes to admit it or not, the vast majority of PWS choose silence after these types of therapy. Just ask the "non-professional" experts ...you know, those of us who stutter...That is if we'll talk with you. Anyways, Glad you're involved in the conference. Discussion of differences may actually lead to helping those of us who stutter.

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