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Re: Question regarding your article

From: Darrell Dodge
Date: 22 Oct 2004
Time: 01:46:48 -0500
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Hi Amanda: The other common terms used for these techniques are, respectively: 1) preparatory set, 2) pullout, and 3) cancellation. I think these terms are sufficiently descriptive that you'll get the general idea of what each involves. Each provides an opportunity to increase awareness of stuttering behaviors (something that is increasingly lost as stuttering develops), confront and extinguish the negative emotions associated with stuttering, and demonstrate and to the person who stutters his/her ability to change the behaviors that are feared. Some clinicians don't like to categorize the techniques like this, preferring to focus on "natural" speech modifications rather than "tricks." But I think they provide a good way of teaching the concepts. Thanks for your question. - Darrell

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