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Raising Stammering Awareness in India

From: Keith Boss
Date: 22 Oct 2006
Time: 10:07:47 -0500
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After making a life changing decision to improve my fluency, I looked on the Internet for solutions. I found them (this is a different story). During my research I stumbled across both the BSA and ISA websites. Because of my altered mindset, I proposed myself and after elections, became a BSA trustee. At the same time I offered to help the ISA. Mark and Stephan asked me to “Raise the Stammering Awareness in India and Pakistan”. Big big gulp. How do I do this? I asked myself. This brief note is about what I did and where the project stands now. I started on India. I joined Yahoo stuttering groups and asked for Indian volunteers to help in this project. We decided we needed a website to act as our voice. One of the team set up a website We decided we needed an Indian Stammering Association. So I set out plans on the website for TISA (The Indian Stammering Association). This will be a new charitably Association. I have set out project plans, information about self help groups and a discussion forum on the website. Two of the team and I are beginning the next stage of the project. This is to encourage some PWS in one or two cities in India to form self help groups. These will be a new thrust to spread the message around different States in India and introduce the idea of TISA to Indian PWS. I have opened a new Yahoo group to act as a focal point for self help groups throughout the world. I have started the process in “Stutteringselfhelp” of creating links to National stuttering / Stammering websites with self help (Chapter) information. “Stutteringselfhelp” will help the ISA with its current and any new Outreach programs. (India, China, Africa and other parts of Asia spring to mind).

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