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This page was created to post announcements about International Stuttering Day 2000 (ISAD 2000) events around the world and other information related to ISAD.

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Friends mailing Michael Sugarman 4/10/00
ISAD 2000 article michael sugarman 6/10/00
ISAD Workshop in Long Island michael sugarman 6/10/00
Nosotros los Tartamudos Pedro Rodríguez - Universidad Central de Venezuela 6/29/00
NSA conference Michael Sugarman 7/11/00
Association Parole-Bégaiement/FRANCE Claudie Bartholomé 7/21/00
ISAD2000 Toronto David Block 8/5/00
ISAD 2000 POSTERS Martine De Vloed 8/20/00
Re: ISAD 2000 POSTERS 10/20/00
Atlanta Stuttering Seminar Tim Mackesey, CCC-S 9/1/00
ISAD Workshop in Pasadena, California Gail Wilson-Lew 9/10/00
FRIENDS - ISAD Workshop, New Paltz, New York Cheryl Goettsche 9/10/00
San Antonio NSA Chapter and ISAD 2000 Pilar Lozano 9/21/00
Parent Info Session-London, Ontario, CANADA J. Anthony Wray 9/22/00
Parent Info Session-St. Catharines, ON, Canada J. Anthony Wray 9/22/00
FRIENDS-ISAD Activity in St. Louis Area Lynne Shields 9/22/00
Stuttering Awareness Week in The Netherlands, 16-22 Oct. Alien Timans 9/25/00
Stuttering Awareness Day in Spanish People Nosotros los tartamudos (Pedro Rodríguez -           Caracas,Venezuela) 9/28/00
L'Association des jeunes bčgues du Québec Anna Rossi 9/28/00
ISAD in Buenos Aires Claudia Groesman 9/29/00
ISAD2000 ONLINE CONFERENCE Judy Kuster 9/30/00
Belgium national television Gert Reunes 10/1/00
Brussels (Belgium) Gert Reunes 10/1/00
The sister of Prinses Mathilde (Belgium) will give a speech! Gert Reunes 10/1/00
new website will be activated Gert Reunes 10/1/00
Belgium special ISAD stutter weekend Gert Reunes 10/2/00
Pers conference Gert Reunes 10/2/00
Stuttering Day in the Czech republic - Brno Ilona Kejklickova, Dr. 10/3/00
Fachtagung Stottern und Schule BVSS 10/3/00
ISAD 2000 POSTERS AND BUTTONS Martine De Vloed 10/3/00
Korean ISAD Moonja Shin 10/7/00
Re: Korean ISAD Stefan Hoffmann 10/16/00
ISAD in Croatia Suzana Jelcic Jaksic 10/8/00
ISAD en Buenos Aires Claudia Groesman - Grupo TTM-L 10/11/00
NSA Workshop - Boston, October 21, 2000 Judy Kuster 10/11/00
Article 54  10/15/00
Association Parole-Bégaiement (APB) – France Claudie Bartholomé 10/15/00
ISAD in China Stefan Hoffmann 10/16/00
ISAD WORLD DEMONSTRATION - 12:00 noon October 22 Judy Kuster 10/18/00
Photos ISAD DAY BELGIUM Gert Reunes 10/19/00
Argentine Stuttering Association ISAD Conference Maria Eugenia Ramirez 10/19/00
Argentine Stuttering Association ISAD Conference Maria Eugenia Ramirez 10/19/00
Argentine Stuttering Association ISAD Conference Maria Eugenia Ramirez 10/19/00
ISAD activities in Boston Adriana DiGrande 10/20/00
Austrian Stuttering Selfhelp ISAD celebration Kathrin Hoelzl  10/22/00
Talk to fifth graders on "Growing up with a Stuttter: Being Teased" Michael Sugarman 10/22/00
ISAD in Lubbock, Texas Judi Keller   10/22/00

Last changed: December 13, 2005