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This page was created to post announcements about International Stuttering Day 2001 (ISAD 2001) events around the world and other information related to ISAD.

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ISAD 2001 online conference Judy Kuster 9/19/01
Ways to Celebrate ISAD ISA - Benny Ravid 9/23/01
ISAD in Toronto CAPS 9/23/01
"Vous n'êtes pas seuls ..." l'Association Parole-Bégaiement 9/23/01
Malbjorg, Icelandic Stuttering Association Bjorn Tryggvason 9/25/01
Many meetings scheduled in France Marie-Pierre POULAT 9/25/01
Walk and Talk Around the World Christine Simpson and Allan Tyrer 9/25/01
Employment and Stammering Initiative The British Stammering Association 9/26/01
ISAD in St. Charles, MO, U.S.A. Lynne Shields 10/1/01
ISAD posters distributed around the world at ISA conference Michael Sugarman 10/2/01
The word is spreading. Michael Sugarman 10/4/01
Open House Jake Ohlinger 10/6/01
Royal Oak, Michigan One Day Workshop, October 13. Bernie Weiner 10/7/01
ISAD 2001 in China Stefan Hoffmann, Beijing 10/12/01
Seminar on Stuttering in Pune, India Ajit Harisinghani, MS,CCC-Sp. 10/14/01
ISAD in Cameroon Joseph Lukong 10/15/01
Awareness Rally - Bangalore, India Prabhakaran C.K. 10/16/01
Northern California NSA chapters meet to celebrate ISAD 2001 Nora O'Connor 10/17/01
ISAD promotion for the second time in Croatia Suzana Jelcic Jaksic 10/21/01
ISAD WORLD DEMONSTRATION - 12:00 noon October 22 Judy Kuster 10/21/01
ISAD in Brno, Czech republic Private clinic LOGO, Dr. Kejklickova 10/22/01

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