The word is spreading.

From: Michael Sugarman
Date: 10/4/01
Time: 9:00:30 PM
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ASHA's Fluency and Fluency Disorder Division mailed out 700 + ISAD '01 brochures and posters to its professional membership

International Stuttering Association mailed out 35 + ISAD '01 brochures and posters to its consumer membership

ISAD '01 articles printed in numerous newsletters such as ASHA's Fluency and Fluency Disorders, Friends, NSA, SFA, CAPS, and ISA. ASHA Leader September 25, 2001 article features ISAD and online conference.

Consumer organizations websites are linked to ISAD '01 "You are not alone" Internet online conference

Information on ISAD' 01 activities disseminated on listservs

Last changed: September 12, 2005