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This is a threaded discussion page for the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference for participants to make comments or suggestions. To make a comment, hit the POST link above which should bring up a POST ARTICLE form. Fill in your subject and name and type your question or comment. Then, and this is important, hit the POST ARTICLE button just below the comments form. Your response is now posted, but you may have to hit the reload button on your browser to read it. Thank you very much for your participation!!

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Thanks again Gert Reunes (BELGIUM) 10/2/01
Saint Judy Judy Butler 10/2/01
Cameroon Stefan Hoffmann, Beijing 10/6/01
Blue, blue, blue jerry johnson 10/9/01
Re: Blue, blue, blue Mike Hughes 10/13/01
Possible 2002 topic Mike Hughes 10/10/01
Cheers Junior Tereva. 10/10/01
Article #'s? Mike Hughes 10/12/01
Re: Article #'s? Judy Kuster 10/12/01
Returning to main page Stefan Hoffmann, Beijing 10/12/01
Re: Returning to main page Judy Kuster 10/13/01
Re: Returning to main page Mike Hughes 10/13/01
Thanks for providing forum to learn and exchange international information Gunars K. Neiders 10/18/01
Special Thanks Viren Gandhi 10/20/01
Thanks! Laura Brandt 10/20/01
Online conference 2001 Janet Skotko 10/23/01
Thank you, Judy Kuster John Kagie 10/23/01
To Judy and to others -- MANY THANKS.     :--) Steve Hood 10/23/01

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