A Search for Fluency That Ended With Acceptance


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Permission to publish Mike Hughes 10/1/01
Re: Permission to publish Craig Stephenson 10/1/01
Great article Elaine 10/1/01
Re: Great article Craig Stephenson 10/21/01
Thanks for sharing, Craig !!! Steve Hood 10/2/01
Re: Thanks for sharing, Craig !!! Craig Stephenson 10/8/01
Amen, brother, amen Jim Abbott 10/6/01
Re: Amen, brother, amen Craig Stephenson 10/8/01
Qualities Tamika Lucas, Southern University 10/7/01
Re: Qualities Craig Stephenson 10/9/01
you say it the best Jim Craig Stephenson 10/8/01
Wonderful story Woody Starkweather 10/8/01
Re: Wonderful story Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Well told tale with great insights into acceptance Gunars K. Neiders 10/8/01
Re: Well told tale with great insights into acceptance Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Thanks Lisa Scott Trautman 10/9/01
Re: Thanks Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Age and Wisdom! Monica Borneke 10/10/01
Re: Age and Wisdom! Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Thank You Dianne Olson 10/13/01
Re: Thank You Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Fluency Melissa Crockett, Southern University-Baton Rouge, La. 10/14/01
Re: Fluency Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Thanks!! Katie Lash 10/15/01
Re: Thanks!! Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
Your story Lynne Shields 10/16/01
Re: Your story Craig Stephenson 10/16/01
It takes quite a person Kim Turnquist 10/17/01
Re: It takes quite a person  10/21/01
finding light N. Bayer-graduate student 10/19/01
Re: finding light Craig Stephenson 10/21/01
Way To Go, Craig Michele Velez 10/20/01
Way To Go, Craig Michele Velez 10/20/01
Re: Way To Go, Craig Craig Stephenson 10/21/01
Re: Way To Go, Craig Michele Velez 10/22/01
A search for fluency Emily Pleiss 10/21/01
Re: A search for fluency Craig Stephenson 10/21/01
Hiding the stuttering, hiding who we really are Stefan Bogdanov 10/21/01
Re: Hiding the stuttering, hiding who we really are Craig Stephenson 10/21/01
How exhausting! Susan Kenney 10/21/01
A search for fluency....acceptance Mary Ahlers...Speech Therapist 10/22/01
Re: A search for fluency....acceptance Craig Stephenson 10/23/01

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