Life Lessons: Putting Stuttering into Perspective


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Permission to publish Mike Hughes 10/1/01
Can we as people learn/teach "life's lessons"? Gunars K. Neiders 10/1/01
Re: Can we as people learn/teach "life's lessons"? Candace Webster 10/3/01
Life Lessons Sharon Alexander 10/2/01
Re: Life Lessons Candace Webster 10/3/01
Re: Life Lessons Amber McNeece 10/9/01
Perspective and Maturity Bernie Weiner 10/2/01
Re: Perspective and Maturity Candace Webster 10/3/01
lessons gillard 10/4/01
Maturity Lieven Grommen 10/5/01
Age Tamika Lucas, Southern University 10/5/01
Re: Age Candace Webster 10/6/01
Putting Stuttering into Perspective Jane Kloeckl 10/4/01 10/5/01
It is all about perspective Jim Abbott 10/6/01
Life Lessons Tara Blair 10/6/01
Lifes Lessons:  Putting Stuttering into Perspective Jeanie:  Graduate Student @ East CarolinaUniversity  in Speech Language Pathology 10/7/01
Re: Lifes Lessons:  Putting Stuttering into Perspective  10/7/01
Impressed! Monica Borneke 10/10/01
Perspective Lynne Shields 10/11/01
Wonderful Paper Katie Hartmann 10/12/01
Wow! Dianne Olson 10/13/01
Re: Wow! Candace Webster 10/14/01
Re: Wow! Woody Starkweather 10/15/01
Life lessons Mary Ahlers, Speech Clinician 10/15/01
Re: Life lessons Candace Webster 10/17/01
Really helped to prioritize what is most important in life Jennifer Lane 10/15/01
Life lessons are really more important than stutter lessons Stefan Bogdanov 10/16/01
Life Lessons Jennifer B.  Fontbonne College 10/16/01
Insight on perspective Patti D. 10/16/01
Putting stammering into perspective Sally Martin, UK 10/17/01
Life Lessons Dana Peele 10/17/01
Re: Life Lessons Candace Webster 10/17/01
Thank you Zeya Alikhan 10/18/01
prioritize = people, not things or conditions Amanda 10/18/01
Re: prioritize = people, not things or conditions Candace Webster 10/18/01
Putting Stuttering into Perspective Phyllis jackson, Graduate Student @Southern University & Public School Speech Therapist        10/20/01
Re: Putting Stuttering into Perspective Candace Webster 10/20/01
Lemonade Craig Stephenson 10/21/01
Re: Lemonade Candace Webster 10/21/01
Another WOW Kris 10/21/01
Thanks for sharing! Susan Kenney 10/21/01
Another Wow! Michael Sugarman 10/22/01
Touching N. Bayer-graduate student 10/22/01

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