About the presenter: Michael Sugarman was co-founder of the National Stuttering Project (NSP) in 1977. He became the Executive Director of NSP 1978-1981 and again in 1995-1997. Published numerous articles on self help in academic journals and other publications. Named to the Stutterers Hall of Fame. Currently, Chair of International Fluency Association's Support Group and Consumer Affairs Committee. He writes: Thirty-two years I have enjoyed the company with adults/teens and children who stutter. I have had many memorable moments - one was to witness integration of children/teens who stutter and parents at a National Stuttering Association conference during 1990's. Awesome!
About the musician: John "Scatman" Larkin passed away December 3, 1999, at his home in California. He was born March 13, 1942. John, a person who stuttered, was known for his "scatsinging." Professionally he was best known for his successful recordings in Europe on the BMG/RCA label. His first single, "Scatman" was recorded September 1994 and released in Germany December 1994. John received "Best New International Artist of the Year" in Japan and the German "ECHO" award for foreign artists. He also received awards from Italy, France, Poland, Hong Kong and elsewhere. His love for and work with the international community of people who stutter is a major part of John's legacy.

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The Faces of Stuttering

by Michael Sugarman
with music by Scatman John,
from California, USA

This 2-minute video features the faces of many people around the world who live with stuttering. The idea for the video was envisioned by Michael Sugarman who contacted several organizations to send pictures and put together this video with the help of his daughter, Rebekah. All individuals in the video have given permission for their pictures to be included. The background music, "I'm the Scatman" by John "Scatman" Larkin is part of the video with permission of John's widow, Judy.

The Faces of Stuttering Video

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