About the presenter: Mario D'hont is from Ghent, Belgium. He was involved with the websign and upkeep of vzw BeSteweekends from 1999-2004 before co-founding Stotterforum (www.stotterforum.be) which coordinates the self-help groups in Begium. He enjoys music (especially Scatman John), painting and photography and has attended many conferences and meetings about stuttering. He is also active in meeting others who stutter in online forums.

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Newsletter 'Stotterforum' - Belguim

by Mario duHont
from Belgium

The Newsletter, 'Stotterforum' (www.stotterforum.be) is a website established in Belgium by people who stutter with objective information about stuttering. The newsletter that accompanies this website appears bi-monthly and contains updates of the information that was published on the website, for example new activities and items.

The structure of the newsletter resembles the different categories on the website. The updates and new topics are coloured in red on the website. This makes it easier to find and add them to the appropriate rubric in the newsletter. We only make references to the new items and do not copy the entire information. This way we invite people to go and look for the info on the website.

Before the newsletter is sent to the subscribed members the editor sends it to all the working members of the 'Stotterforum'. In this way they have the opportunity to give suggestions for improvement. The newsletter is also sent to Mister Chris De Bal, the secretary of the VVL, the Flemish Association of Speech and Language Therapists. This underscores our cooperation of which we thankfully make use of to present our members a professional;y-based newsletter. After everyone's approval the newsletter is sent to all the subscribed members.

We can currently count on Stefanie Adriaensens, a working member of the 'Stotterforum' and stutterer, to translate the newsletter into English. (She studied clinical psychology at the University of Ghent and was finalist at the BAPS thesis award 2009 with a thesis about the inner processes of stuttering). We would like to thank her for her contributions. The English newsletter creates more opportunities for international cooperation. Most of all we are very thankful for the contributions of all our working members. They all help to construct the website in their own way with reports about the activities of the organisation.

Who can subscribe to our newsletter?

How Cost The team of the 'Stotterforum': Site : www.stotterforum.be
Email : info@stotterforum.be

Below are samples of the English and Dutch versions of 'Stotterforum,' the Belgium electronic in PDF format.

Stotterforum - in Dutch
Stotterforum - in English

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