The Inner Game of Tennis

By W. Timothy Gallwey

What does Tennis have to do with Stuttering?

1.   Reflections on the Mental Side of (Tennis)___________. Gallwey talks about the player who is ³playing out of his mind.² He further discusses that athletes in this state rarely think about their strokes, serve, etcŠ.they are in a state of ³mindlessness².


2.   There are two selves inside every tennis playerŠ.1) the ³I² self gives oneself instructions and the 2) the ³2² self tends to react automatically. Getting it together mentally in tennis involves several internal skills:

A.  Learning to program yourself internally with images rather than words

B.   Learning to TRUST yourself

C.   Learning to see ³non-judgmentally²- that is what is happening rather than how good or bad it is!

D.  All of these skills are subsidiary to the master skill: CONCENTRATION


3.   Learn to Quiet the Mind


A.  Letting Go of Judgments

B.   Discovering the Process

C.   Seeing, Feeling, & Awareness of What Is

D.  What about Positive Thinking?


4.   Getting it Together: Letting it Happen


A.  Put aside your thoughts of yourself: Trust Thyself

B.   Program the Self #2¹s computer for FORM & for RESULTS

C.   Experiment with ROLE PLAYING


5.   Changing Habits


A.  Make Changes One Step at a Time

B.   Observe Behavior; Ask yourself to change; Program the Behavior; Let it Happen; Non-judgmentally; & Observe

C.   CONCENTRATION: Watch the Behavior; Listen to the Behavior; & Feel the Behavior