Patıs Reactions: Giving a speech task: video comments.




Emotional Reaction/Physical Reaction

Thought Adjustment

When I get in front of a group,

I feel some tension.





I donıt have enough breath.





I canıt say certain words.





I canıt be fluent. I canıt say a word at the beginning of a sentence. I try to push it out.




I canıt say what I need to say.






Physical Reactions as stated by Pat: Heart beating, Difficulty taking a breath, light headed, throat gets tense.


There are several ways to manage or change behaviors. These include:


1)    learning a new behavior to take the place of the old one

2)    identifying when the old behavior occurs

3)    identifying reactions, both physical and mental, to the behaviors

4)    developing a hierarchy to replace the old behaviors with new behaviors.



Stuck State Cycle (Bloom & Cooperman, 1999) : What does this mean? How can we change?


Change means identifying your skills rather than focusing on what is going wrong.


Change means finding activities to prepare you for making this change.


Change means defining obstacles that make it difficulty to change.


Change means figuring out how you best learn and apply what you learn.


Change means breaking down tasks into manageable steps.