About the presenter: Jonathon Linklater, a Speech and Language Therapist in Ireland, stutters himself. Dedicated to a specialization in fluency disorders, he established an intensive therapy program called the Dublin Adult Stuttering (DAS) course in 2005. Jonathon re-established the Stuttering Special Interest Group for SLTs in Ireland in 2004, and co-founded the private practice SpeechMatters.ie in Dublin, Ireland, in 2011. He is Vice-Chair of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists and heads the PR team. He has been involved with the Irish Stammering Association since 2003 and is currently the Development Director for the charity. Since completing the European Clinical Specialism in Fluency Disorders in 2009, Jonathon has been undertaking a PhD at the University of Limerick, with guidance from Trinity College Dublin's School of Clinical Speech and Language Studies.

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Video: Sharing Stories - Changing Perceptions

by Jonathon Linklater
from Ireland

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We made this video for Ireland's National Stuttering Awareness Day in 2011. We used the ISAD's theme of "Sharing Stories, Changing Perceptions" for the video's subject matter.

And that's where we started; discussing ideas and stories at our therapy group. We talked about what has been important for people in successfully changing their stuttering. All the small portraits reflect the people involved, and their journeys. They have been making changes by taking positive action with their stuttering by attending for speech and language therapy, as well as attending local support groups.

It was important to show viewers that therapy need not be a before and after. People develop and continue to change over time. And perhaps, how you perceive something, is often the most valuable change.

The video has been used to promote awareness and understanding of stuttering. It has been featured in a film festival and on community TV. Clinicians have reported difficulty in exposing clients to stuttering especially if they have a small caseload, so it has served as a therapy tool as well. In addition, we wanted to get Irish voices heard! The video is available as a free download for clinical and educational use from www.vimeo.com/linklater

A Flip HD camera was used. Additional voiceovers took place with a Zoom H4n and it was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can post Questions/comments about the above paper to the author before October 22, 2012.

SUBMITTED: August 30, 2012
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