About the presenter: Steven Kaufman is an HR assistant to five specialists and a member of the National Stuttering Association. Born in New York, he currently lives in northwestern Montgomery County, Md., and counts motivational speaking, karaoke, and attending galas as his interests.
About the presenter: Beth Bienvenu is a former disability employment policy advisor, and currently works for the US federal government on issues related to access for people with disabilities. She has stuttered since the age of 7 and is a member of the Rockville chapter of the National Stuttering Association. She lives in the Washington DC area in suburban Maryland with her husband and two cats.

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We're from the government and we're here to help! Stuttering and working in the US federal government

by Steven Kaufman and Beth Bienvenu
from Maryland, USA

From Steven Kaufman - TThe Voice Of Washington DC: How Stuttering Helped Me Speak Up and Get Hired From Beth Bienvenu - Finding a job in the US Federal government: How to navigate the system and land a job with the largest US employer

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SUBMITTED: August 26, 2012
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