About the presenter: Shanna Preston, M.A. CCC-SLP: I received my bachelors in Communication Disorders at the University of Kentucky and my masters in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Memphis. I am currently practicing in a private practice in Kentucky where I treat children from birth to adolescence as well as teens and adults.
About the presenter: Nick writes: I am eleven years old and I have stuttering since the age of 4 or 5. I like to build and play video games that involve building, fighting, or Legos. I am also in a First Lego League group called the Lego Legends. We are competing in the 2012 Lego League National Competition where we will be presenting a robot that we built and programmed ourselves to complete tasks involving food safety. I will also be giving an oral presentation about our real world problem and solution. I have been working with Ms. Shanna since 2009 to improve my stuttering by slowing down when I talk and by using a speech breath and light contact with my lips. I will be using all of these techniques when I give my presentations. I feel more confident about giving public speeches now.

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Nick's Pizza Puppy Page about Stuttering

by Shanna Preston and Nick
from USA

Pizza Puppy Page About Stuttering by Nick

My speech therapist and I made this power point about stuttering so that I could learn more about stuttering, so other people could learn more about it, and so I could learn how to research and present a topic. First we started with the research. We used the Stuttering Homepage, search engines on the internet, and Mrs. Shanna's own knowledge to find all the facts we used on our power point. We found out that some Presidents and famous people stutter. I also found out that stuttering is a very common thing even though it may not look like it in your community. That is because many people who stutter learn how to control it efficiently.

I wanted to make a power point to teach other people that nothing is wrong with you if you stutter. I know that bullies usually make fun of things they don't understand so I wanted to teach people that stuttering isn't anything wrong it's just the way you make your words. I think that if people learn more about stuttering then they won't tease as much.

I presented my power point to my family and to other therapists and clients here at Mrs. Shanna's office. The first time, I was afraid I would stutter and I was a little nervous but I used my strategies so I didn't stutter as much as I might have. Since presenting my power point, I have presented on many other topics in front of lots of unfamiliar people and big groups and I'm not nervous any more.

In conclusion, making this power point helped me a lot to be able to present research to other people. I hope that other people learn more about stuttering using this power point and that everyone learns that it is not such an uncommon thing.

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SUBMITTED: July 16, 2012
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