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The following individuals share short and exciting examples of ideas and events of stuttering organizations and associations around the world

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This page was created to post announcements about International Stuttering Day 2002 (ISAD 2002) events around the world and other information related to ISAD. . Please feel free to post your own events or email Judy Kuster who will post them for you.
Anita Blom, Anita Scharis Blom was born and raised in the Netherlands, but is now married and living in Sweden. She works as a secretary and work on a stuttering project. She states, "I have stuttered since I was 9 and had a troublesome youth, but this helped me to become active at the local chapter, the national board and on European level to help people to feel the world is at their feet."

Paper: Camp experiences for Children and Teens Who Stutter

Helena Forne-Waestlund - Authorized Speech-Language pathologist, BSc. Born in Stockholm. Married and two teenage daughters. Graduated at the University ofGothenburg 1983, a second degree in phonetics and Scandinavian languages in 1984. Between 1983-1993 worked as a Clinician at the Regional Hospital in Orebro. Coordinator of further education and training in Stuttering and Speech-Language Impaired children with multilingual background for ENT-doctors and collegues. Between 1983-1989 as a non-avoidance therapist. 1993-1997 a member of a Research Group in Audiology, supporting with design of language tests and Clinical evaluations. Involved in two thesis projects, one of them the first Swedish fMRI study of Deviant language Impairment. 1993-97 Editor of the Journal of Speech Pathology. Since 1997 introducing to Sweden the Comprehensive Stuttering Program including PFSP in cooperation with Mr Eliezer Fetterman, Israel and Dr Robert Kroll, University of Toronto. Since 1999 running a private Clinic for the Development of clinical practise of CSP.

Paper: Initiative to Swedish Authorities: Stuttering treatment as a matter of choice

Benny Ravid lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is very active in the stuttering community world-wide. He is the Chair of AMBI - Israel Stuttering Association (http://www.ambi.org.il) and Board member and Webmaster of ISA - International Stuttering Association (http://www.stutterISA.org).

Paper: Experiential events - Self help events prepared by PWS for PWS

Peter Reitzes, M.A., CCC-SLP is a lifelong stutterer. Peter holds his Bachelor's degree from Sarah Lawrence College and his Master's degree from New York University. Peter is an ASHA certified, NY state licensed speech-language pathologist in private practice in Brooklyn, NY, a speech therapist at an elementary school in Brooklyn, and a speech/language evaluator for the Committee on Special Education in Brooklyn, District 15. Peter frequently volunteers for FRIENDS and other stuttering support groups.

Elizabeth Mendez, M.A., CSW is the Director of a community based organization in Harlem, NY working with families in crisis and is a certified social worker. Elizabeth was the chapter Leader for the Manhattan chapter of the National Stuttering Association (1998-2002), volunteers as the Associate Director and actress for the Our Time Theatre Company for teens and adults who stutter, and is a volunteer and presenter for FRIENDS and other stuttering support groups.

Paper: Stutter Across America

Michael Sugarman, Luc Tielens, and Pol Anrys from California, USA and Belgium: The story "The Adventures of Phil Carrot: The Forest of Discord" was written by Michael Sugarman. From the World Congress in San Francisco, Phil Carrot traveled all the way to Belgium with Luc Tielens, SLP, where the story was translated and made into a play, including never-before-heard songs written by Luc himself.With the help of Pol Anrys, the play was recently performed by a group of about 30 children: monsters, trees, dancers, schoolchildren, a big lady bug and a worm with two heads! The play was performed to sold-out crowds for over 1200 people. Many disappointed people had to be turned away. There was a local TV station inteview about the play and stuttering in general.

Paper: Adventures of Phil Carrot: on stage!

Beatriz Biain de Touzet is Speech Pathologist and Professor of the University of Buenos Aires, with a post-graduate degree in Fluency Disorders. Since 1992, she has been holding Seminars for Specialization in Stuttering for speech pathologists from Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. She is the President of the Argentine Association on Stuttering and organized the Year of the Child who Stutter in Buenos Aires. She has been the coordinator of the first Self-Aid Group for people who stutter, within the framework of the Local Program for Mental Health of the Pirovano Hospital in Buenos Aires, for which she is presently acting as an advisor. She is also devoted to research work on the functions of the right hemisphere and of their relationship with stuttering.

Claudia Diaz is a speech therapist specializing in language pathologies and is also a specialist in stuttering for children, adolescents and adults. She is currenty working as a counsellor in two schools, in a private consulting room and as part of a private programme of home assistance for severe cases. In addition, she has been working for the Argentine Stuttering Association as a coordinator in the Diffusion and Prevention Areas.

Paper: The First Latin American Stuttering Congress and People That Stutter Encounter

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