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This page was created to post announcements about International Stuttering Day 2003 (ISAD 2003) events around the world and other information related to ISAD. . Please feel free to post your own events or email Judy Kuster who will post them for you.
Luc Tielens graduated in Logopedie and Audiologie in Antwerp (1982) and received licensure in de Logopedie en Audiologie at the Catholic University of Leuven (1985) (Master in speech and language). Followed a lot of courses about stuttering and all the world conferences of IFA (Munich, San Francisco, Nyborg). I have a private "stuttering center" in Herent near Leuven with 6 colleages. I work at the university of Leuven in the department of speech therapy: giving the practical courses in stuttering therapy, complementary to the courses of Prof. DeNil. I also work in a school with autistic adolescents. I like to make and play my own music.

"Stutter House" and The International Year Of The Child Who Stutters - 2004

David Block is software engineer and is a person who stutters. While at school in Ottawa, David attended the SpeechMasters self-help group from 1993-94 where he was introduced to the Canadian Association for People who Stutter (CAPS). After attending the Toronto CAPS conference in 1995, he started on his long journey of self-acceptance. David is now an advocate of self-acceptance and being open about stuttering. After joining CAPS, he created the CAPS web site in 1996. David co-chaired the Montreal CAPS/ABC conference in 1999, and in 2000 became coordinator of CAPS. He currently lives in Montreal with his wife Kim and cats Amber and Cosmo.

Paper: How CAPS celebrates International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD)

Joseph Lukong is the Coordinator General of the Speak Clear Association of Cameroon, a support organization for people who stutter. He is a member of International Fluency Association since February 2002. He writes, "I have stuttered all through my life as have several members of my family. I hold a BA in Law from the University of Yaounde Cameroon and have worked in a law firm in Douala and now I work as a consultant for CAJUREC a debt recovery and legal counseling enterprise in Douala. I also serve as a volunteer worker in a local NGO called SHUMAS that works for the marginalized and less privileged members of society. This NGO also fights to improve the living conditions of people here. I am a Roman Catholic Christian and enjoy reading the Bible and attending ecumenical church services."

Paper: Stuttering Awareness in Cameroon, Africa

Michael Sugarman was co-founder of the National Stuttering Project (NSP) in 1977. He became the Executive Director of NSP 1978 -1981 and again in 1995 -1997. Published numerous articles on self help in academic journals and other publications. In 1997, he was named to the Stutterers Hall of Fame and received the Distinguished Consumer Award from the International Fluency Association in 2000. Currently, Chair of International Fluency Association's Support Group and Consumer Affairs Committee.

Paper: The Rights And Responsiblities Of People Who Stutter Posters And Pamphlets Are Now Available

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