National Stuttering Association

by Nina Reardon
Illinois, USA

The NSA has an active, dynamic, growing and ever-evolving National Family Program. The current chairs of the FP Committee are Debbie Nicolai (parent) and Nina Reardon (SLP) and committee members include Sindy Liben, Elaine Siatta, Gary Rentchler, Bonnie Weiss, Tim Bryant and Chris Montalbano.

Below you will find a list of the many programs and services that the NSA provides children and teens who stutter and their families.

What the NSA does to reach out to children and teens who stutter and their families:

The NSA reaches out to empower parents and children in many ways. We ALWAYS have new ideas, tasks and projects that we would love to implement. Most of these outreach concepts cost little or nothing to the receiver.

The NSA National Family Programs continue to embody the mission statement of the NSA; Our mission is to bring "hope, dignity, support, education, and empowerment to children and adults who stutter, and their families."

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