Weekend Workshop 2005


Stuttering is_____________




Facts about stuttering:

Stuttering is no oneís fault!

It is not contagious.

Everyone stutters some of the time.

Lots of famous people stutter.

Kids who stutter are no different than other kids.

ButÖÖ.families are important to kids who work on their stutteringÖ


   What can I do?????


1.        Give your brother/sister time to talk.

2.        Take turns speaking.

3.        Allow your brother/sister to finish speaking.

4.        Talk to them about speech.

5.        Ask them what might help.

6.        Remember: Teasing hurts..



  Weekend Workshop 2005.


A final taskÖ..draw a picture or write a note to your brother/sister letting them know what you have learned about stuttering.  Remind them of some of the things they do that are specialÖ