About the presenter: Judy Kuster, M.S. in speech-language pathology and M.S. in counseling, is a professor in Communication Disorders at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She is well-published in Internet resources and has presented at state, national and international conferences. She is the webmaster for Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences and the Stuttering Home Page as well as the coordinator of this online conference. She holds Specialty Recognition in Stuttering and is a member of the Division #4 Fluency and Fluency Disorders. She is a member of the National Stuttering Association, the International Fluency Association and the International Stuttering Association.

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PWS Speak for Themselves Online

by Judy Kuster
from Minnesota, USA

Telling your personal story has become an important part of "therapy," including therapy for stuttering. There are numerous ways people who stutter tell their stories. "Open mic" sessions at self-help group meetings and conferences have become very popular ways for people who stutter to tell their touching and inspiring personal stories in an open forum. At the 2005 National Stuttering Association Convention in Chicago, one person told of always wearing a too-small shoe because it was difficult for him to say 11. A woman shared how she used to refer to her brother as "my mother's son" to avoid the word brother.

Others have published autobiographies about their stuttering.:

Another place where people who stutter tell their stories is on the Internet. This paper will highlight several examples. The reader is invited to explore these insightful stories, which are often used for discussion in therapy and self-help group meetings.

ISAD online conference papers

The International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) online conferences for the past seven years have provided many opportunities for people who stutter to share information and tell their own stories. Below are a few examples, all worth re-reading!! Search past online conferences for additional excellent examples!

1998 - The Power of Your Voice

1999 - Many Languages, One Voice

2000 - Reach Out to Children Who Stutter

2001 - YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Transforming Perceptions 2002 - Don't Let Stuttering Stop You... 2003 - "INTERNATIONAL STUTTERING AWARENESS" is everyday. . . We just celebrate it on October 22! 2004 - International Year of the Child Who Stutters 2005 - Community Vision for Global Action

People Who Stutter Speak For Themselves

Another resource created by people who stutter can be found on the Stuttering Home Page, under "People Who Stutter Speak For Themselves." These brief autobiographies were written by persons who stutter. They include information about therapy programs they have tried, about their successes and disappointments, about their goals and aspirations. Many include helpful information about how they want listeners to respond to them. The most recent edition features the selections indexed below. All are accessible on http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/PWSspeak/PWSspeak.html

  • My Life as a Stutterer by Asim Kahn
  • Untitled by Candace Webster
  • The Battle At 7th And K by Jon Bjornstad
  • It Gets Easier by Jim McClure
  • Struggle for Acceptance by Dan Wong
  • Untitled by Margaret Witbeck
  • Its All in the Mind by Bennett Gross
  • ....and then a Rainbow by Diane Laval
  • If I'm Special Its Because I Stutter an article about C Wilcox by Thomas David Kehoe
  • Rejection to Acceptance by Mathew Benson
  • What?....Ashamed of Fluency? by John Larkin
  • Confessions of a Stuttering Speech-Language Pathologist by Dr. Ted Peters
  • An Errant Elbow/An Act of God by Marty Jezer
  • Stuttering: A Life Bound Up In Words by Marty Jezer, a book preview.
  • Excerpts from several chapters of Stuttering: A Life Bound Up In Words by Marty Jezer.
  • The Kid and His Hero and Your Everyday Senior by Kelly P. Snow
  • PWS ---> SLP by Rod Abbott
  • Not All Christmas Presents Come In Wrapping Paper by Louise Heite
  • A Personal Story by Jean-Pierre Tibi.
  • "Bless Her Lying Little Heart" by Vicki Benson Schutter
  • Her Name was Mrs. Claussen - And She Cared by Lee Reeves
  • untitled by Maximilian J. Sandor
  • The Origin of My Points of View by Bob Quesal
  • For Richer, Poorer, or Fluenter by Vicki Benson Schutter
  • Things Don't Always Work Out As Planned by Rod Abbott
  • I Swore an Oath to a Birch Tree by Charles Van Riper
  • Tell ESPN I'm Available! by Larry Molt
  • Happy Hunting For The Holy Spirit by Vicki Benson Schutter
  • My Stuttering Summer by Maggie Hansen
  • Old Fart Face by Bill Murphy
  • What's Wrong With Using A Crutch If It Helps You by Herbert Goldberg
  • Defeating The Dragon by David J. Halvorsen
  • Stuttering, While Feeling Comfortable Among Politicians by John M. Williams.
  • An interesting FAX sent to Art Nefsky from Mel Tillis on September 30, 1997..
  • And the Shelves Come Tumbling Down by Bonnie Weiss.
  • A short essay by Charles Lamb, (b. 1776, d. 1835).
  • Mouth Piece by Anne H. Mavor
  • The Sasser Syndrome by Jeff Shames.
  • A Conversation with my Father by Elaine Saitta
  • A Way Through the Forest: One Boy's Story With a Happy Ending by David Shapiro
  • Speaking Is My Challenge -- And I'm Facing Up To It by Marty Jezer.
  • My Name is Eric, and I Stutter by Eric Ferraz.
  • Early years in India and now in school in the US by Balaji Krishnamurthy.
  • A Wonderful Card by Russ Hicks.
  • You Can Call Me by Vicki Schutter
  • Blow And Bluster by Charles James.
  • Loss of Innocence by Michael Hughes
  • The Rage by Michael Hughes
  • Marriage Vows by Michael Hughes
  • C-C-C-Cold Enough For You? by Michael Hughes
  • Fear Therapy? by Michael Hughes
  • Ever Since I Can Remember by Ashley Callan
  • The Stuttering Sub by Dave Helibronn.
  • A Tale of a Girl Who Talked Funny by Debbie Britton.
  • Total Block by Israel Mlambo.
  • Victorious people by Gokce Baser.
  • A Contrast in People's Response by Paul Goldstein.
  • My Name is Jim Abbott; A-b-b-o-t-t by Jim Abbott
  • January 11, 2002 Episode 203 archive recording from "This American Life." by Kevin Murphy.
  • At Peace with my Stuttering by Paul Goldstein.
  • "Four, Three, Two, One" by Rod Gilchrist.
  • Feelings When Stuttering In Front of a Group by Casey Donohue
  • Blocking the fear out by Rob Bloom, Written for National Public Radio's All Things Considered
  • You think YOU'RE afraid of public speaking? by Rob Bloom

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