Below, you will find a list of questions.  Please read carefully and then answer with your first impression. Please check X  the box that best answers each question.


Almost Never






I like to meet new people






My speech therapist is on my side






I know when and how I stutter






I am embarrassed by my stuttering






I am able to communicate with my family






I meditate






People tell me that I stutter






I feel anxious






I don’t think clearly when I stutter






I sometimes laugh at myself






I order what I want in restaurants






I help friends when called upon






I feel comfortable with others that stutter






I cope well with stress






I make a list of questions for my speech therapist






I can talk with friends and family about my stutter






I am a spiritual person






I have a regular exercise routine






I eat the right foods






I view my stuttering as a chronic condition






The important people in my life know I stutter






I have a good support system






I think people focus on my stuttering rather than hearing what I say






I have a positive attitude






I speak up when I have a question






I have people who care about me






I feel frozen in new speaking situations






I express my feelings