Complete Set of Books on STUTTERING

The following publications are available from the Stuttering
Foundation of America. The SFA is a non-profit organization since
1947, dedicated to helping those who stutter. They have a toll-free
number (1-800-992-9392) and any of the following materials can
be ordered by making a check/money order payable to 
         Stuttering Foundation of America
         P.O. Box 11749
         Memphis, TN 38111-0749

All 15 books described below can be purchased individually, or they can be purchased as a complete - a $30 value for $25. Some of the publications are also available in languages other than English. FOR YOUR LIBRARY... STUTTERING WORDS - Publication no. 2 A glossary of the meanings of the words and terms associated with the field of stuttering and its treatment. 64 pages. $1.00 TREATMENT OF THE YOUNG STUTTERER IN THE SCHOOL - Publication no. 4 Discusses problems faced by speech clinicians working in the schools with children who stutter. Answers questions asked most often by school clinicians. 64 pages. $2.00 STUTTERING: SUCCESSES AND FAILURES IN THERAPY - Publication no. 6 Case histories of successes and failures in the treatment of stuttering by nine leading speech pathologists describing procedures and techniques used in each case and the results attained. 148 pages. $2.00 THERAPY FOR STUTTERERS - Publication No. 10 Outlines a program for speech clinicians working with adults or older adolescent. Written by speech pathologists who have specialized in stuttering. 120 pages. $2.00 TREATING THE SCHOOL AGE STUTTERER: A GUIDE FOR CLINICIANS - Publication No. 14 Describes how a clinician can work effectively with young stutterers. Written by a public school clinician who works exclusively with children who stutter. and who was trained as a stuttering specialist. 112 pages. $2.00 STUTTERING: AN INTEGRATION OF CONTEMPORARY THERAPIES - Publication No. 16 Explains how speech clinicians can combine the different but most commonly used treatment procedures to get effective results working with all ages. 80 pages. $2.00 COUNSELING STUTTERERS - Publication No. 18 Helps the clinician have a better understanding of counseling aspect of therapy; suggests ways to use it effectively. 80 pages. $2.00 STUTTERING THERAPY: TRANSFER AND MAINTENANCE - Publication No. 19 Discusses in depth the crucial role of transfer and maintenance and how to promote long lasting therapy results. 112 pages. $2.00 STUTTERING THERAPY: PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION WITH CHILDREN - Publication No. 20 An in-depth discussion of procedures used in prevention of stuttering and early intervention with children. 152 pages. $2.00 FOR YOUR CLIENTS... TO THE STUTTERER - Publication No. 9 Practical advice written by twenty-four men and women speech pathologists who have been stutterers, advising what helped them and what they believe will help the person who stutters control his or her difficulty. 116 pages. $2.00 IF YOUR CHILD STUTTERS: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS - Publication No. 11 An authoritative and understandable book for parents. Contains examples of what to do to help the disfluent child. Can be used as a supplement to clinical advice. 56 pages. $1.00 SELF-THERAPY FOR THE STUTTERER - Publication No. 12 Outlines a self-therapy program which describes what the person who stutters can and should do to tackle the problem and control stuttering. Often used as a supplement to clinical treatment. 192 pages. $3.00 DO YOU STUTTER: A GUIDE FOR TEENS - Publication No. 21 To and for the teen who stutters. Written by seven leading speech pathologists who give practical advice to teens on coping with and overcoming their problems. 80 pages. $1.00 STUTTERING AND YOUR CHILD: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Publication No. 22 For parents, teachers and all those wanting to help the child who stutters. Often used as a supplement to clinical treatment. Written by seven leading authorities. 64 pages. $1.00 A STUTTERER'S STORY - Publication No. 61 by Frederick P. Murray, PhD A subjective account of what a severer stutterer undergoes - the shame, loneliness, and discouragement that he and the people who care about him suffer. 176 pages. $5.00