The Bookstore

Important - please read.

There are many books and other materials about stuttering that are advertised online. Being listed in this section on the Stuttering Home Page is in no way considered an endorsement of any of the materials (although many are excellent!). The materials included are both professional, children's, and popular materials that have the word "stutter" or "stuttering" in their title or description, as well as others I have stumbled across or someone has told me about.

The books and materials listed in this bookstore are available in a variety of places. They may be found in a library or ordered through inter-library loan. They may be found or ordered through a local bookstore. They may be ordered from the publisher.

Most of the books listed may also be ordered in association with Books, the largest online bookstore on the Internet. Many of their books are sold at a 10 % discount from the publisher's price. All are sold with the Amazon money back guarantee and are shipped Priority mail. Amazon offers homepage bookstores a percentage of any of the book sales ordered through Amazon links on these pages. I have spot checked and the prices are usually quite comparable to ordering through any other bookstore. However, be sure to check the prices directly from the publishers of text books since it may be less expensive. It pays to shop around! If you know of other books not listed that have another online distributor, please email me and I will add them. If you feel any of the materials listed below do not belong there, let me know why and I will consider deleting them. This page is intended as a service and not as a money maker for the Stuttering Home Page at this time. The proceeds from Amazon for sale of books since 1997, has been used to provide books and pamphlets from the National Stuttering Project and the Stuttering Foundation of America sent to individuals in places where therapy services are scarce. Materials have been sent to rural areas in the US as well as Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, China, Uganda, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mexico, Chile and other countries. (Judy Kuster)