Tuesday Night Fight

by Eric F.

Relax your tongue, relax your chin,
'cause if you don't, you sure won't win.
Just try to breathe, don't hesitate,
your words will come, even if they are late.
He tried and tried, with all his might,
but he just could not win the fight.
He took a left, he took a right,
he took the blows, he took them all night.
But he got up, and stood up tall,
he would show them, show them all.
His words came out, and to his glee,
he spoke fluently, for everyone to see.
They cheered and clapped, and he felt good,
he showed them all, he knew he would.
He left the ring, belt in hand,
he would show it off, across the land.
He fought hard, he fought tough,
and he wondered if it was enough.
He proved himself, to all the crowd,
and as for us, we're all proud.
He relaxed his tongue, he relaxed his chin,
and what do you know, he did win!!

submitted October 13, 1998