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On September 23, 1997, Russ Hicks posted the following information on Stutt-L:

At last we have the "on-line eyeball" for Stutt-L available! Check it out!

Just click on the name of the person you want to see, and voila, up pops his or her picture and short bio! Pretty slick, eh?

We've been working on developing the Stutt-L Photo Album for several months now. It's still in its infancy, having only 19 pictures in it so far, but we're looking for more. Specifically YOURS!

The 19 pictures and bio's (biographies) we have are a random collection of pictures I've taken from prior NSP conventions plus some pictures Cynthia Scace took at the Buffalo NSP convention this last summer. There are also a few others. The bio's out there are only semi-authentic, mostly written by me for fun and shooting from the hip. The only bio's I didn't write are Ira Zimmerman's and Steve Pittelko's who wrote their own - which is what we want everyone to do sooner or later.

The purpose of the album is simply to add another dimension to the Stutt-L listserv, that of SEEING the people on the list. It's our hope that besides the obvious fun of seeing who you're talking with, these pictures will "humanize" the list and bring a closer sense of community to all of us who stutter or who work with people who stutter. Cyberspace, like nameless cars in traffic, tends to dehumanize people into just names on an email. But linking a face with a name will put at least part of that PERSON behind that name. We really are "POSL" (People On Stutt-L) rather than just Stutt-Lers. Just like PWS... (You like that?) We also have a short bio on each person so that others can learn a little more about that person.

Participation in the Stutt-L Photo Album is purely voluntary - of course. But I'm not above a little friendly arm twisting to get you to "volunteer" especially if you are a frequent contributor to the discussions on Stutt-L. People want to see you, just as you want to see everyone else. EVERYONE on Stutt-L is invited to participate - for FREE! Just push the "instructions" button on the on-line album and see how you can add your picture and bio to the album. People all over the world who have web access will be able to see your picture. Just think, this could make you famous! (Well maybe... it's a thought...)

Credits: The person who poured the most of his own blood into this is Steve Pittelko who volunteered to do the technical work and be the webmaster for the site. I can't begin to tell you how much time Steve has spent on this, but it's a bunch! The mark of a professional is how easy he makes things look, and he makes this whole album look like a piece of cake. Thanks, Steve!

I also want to thank our "beta test team" for looking at early versions of the album over the last couple of months. These people added immeasurably to the album by offering suggestions for improvements and who also helped us collectively think through some policy issues. Thanks, guys! We couldn't have done it without you!

Besides Steve and me, the beta test team members are:

Rod Abbott, David Anderson, Anita S. Blom, Tom Brophy, Michael Brown, Larry Burd, Sally Butcher, Eric Christensen, Darrell Dodge, Kevin Eldridge, Bill Fabian, Lieven Grommen, John Harrison, Lou Heite (LH), Sarah Henderson, Doug Hendricks, Stephen B. Hood, Marty Jezer, Amy Johnson, Joe Klein, Judy Kuster, Marty Leisner, Christine Livingston, Jim McClure, Bill Nimelman, Bob Quesal, Lee Reeves, Cynthia Scace, Vicki Schutter, Woody Starkweather, Robin Sullivan, John Swaney, Tony Troiano, Daniel Vaiser, Linda Voight, Michael Ward, John Westbury, Scott Yaruss, Ira Zimmerman, Mary Jo Zukoski

Okay everyone, check it out and let us know what you think. Then push the "instructions" button and submit YOUR picture and bio. Everyone is looking forward to SEEING you!

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added September 23, 1997