Design a Multiple-Choice Test


As a result of completing this unit you will

a)   Learn of the intricacies of designing multiple choice tests

b)   Become proficient at creating multiple incorrect answers for test questions

c)   Become familiar with the format of the ASHA PRAXIS examination

Tasks included in this unit include

a)   Developing 50 multiple choice questions

b)   Providing at least four answers per question (correct answer in the “a” position and three incorrect answers, unless you’re doing an “all of the above”)

c)   Selecting information for your test from any of the material covered in the text, readings from class, class handouts, class discussion, the ISAD conference, etc.


This unit requires you to pair with another student.  Please put your test into a multiple choice format.  Include an answer key along with your multiple choice test.  I would suggest that the level of difficulty be what you consider appropriate for a graduate-level course.  I would suggest that you take a look at the sample multiple choice questions provided in the review book for the PRAXIS examination (Hedge & Roseberry-McKibben, 2006).  There is a copy in the CMC. 


This assignment is due by the end of the day on Monday, December 11th.  You can place your completed test in my mailbox or in the D2L dropbox.




This project is worth 50 points (one point per question).  Your test will be evaluated using the following criteria:


Content            - The content of your questions must be related to the materials that have been covered in the course.


            Accuracy          - Your correct responses must be accurate.


Clarity               - Be sure that the responses you provide as incorrect responses are indeed inaccurate.  The questions you pose must also be clear in their intent.


            Mechanics        - Your test must be free of any spelling and/or grammar errors.


Hedge, M.N. & Roseberry-McKibbin, C. (2006).  An advanced rewiew of speech-language pathology (2nd Ed.).  Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.