(The following is a single-page flier distributed by the SFA - JAK)

* Maintain a toll-free Hotline on Stuttering and answer over 36,000 calls
   a year.  The toll-free number is 1-800-992-9392

* Publish seventeen books and seven brochures on stuttering. Over 
   400,000 publications are distributed each year to speech pathologists,
   pediatricians, family physicians, hospitals, schools, clinics, day-care
   centers, and all those concerned with the problem of stuttering.

* Provide an information packet to parents of children who may have a 
   stuttering problem.  The packet includes free brochures and resource

* Provide an information packet for adults who stutter. This includes free
   brochures, resource list, and addresses of support groups in their area.

* Provide a nation-wide resource list for adults who stutter, parents,
   pediatricians, and speech-language pathologists and all those looking for
   a speech-language pathologist who specializes in stuttering.

* Co-sponsor annually a "Workshop for Specialists: Stuttering Therapy" 
   with Northwestern University, an in-depth two week training program
   directed by Dr. Hugo H. Gregory.

* Organize educational conferences and symposia on stuttering for 
   professionals on various topics related to stuttering.

* Distribute information on stuttering at the conventions of the American
   Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians.

* Send out approximately 15,000 press releases a year to educate the
   public about stuttering. These releases are sent to newspapers,
   magazines, radio and television stations across the country.

* Distributed books to 59 countries throughout the world