International Fluency Association (IFA)

The mission of the International Fluency Association is to promote the development of research, therapy, and understanding of stuttering world-wide through congresses, publications, workshops, presentations, etc. It is an inter-disciplinary organization with SLP's, psychologists, experimental phoneticians, MDs, and people who stutter.

The official journal is the IFA is the Journal of Fluency Disorders. The Table of Contents is available on the Internet.

Individuals can join the IFA by contacting Howard Schwartz at Northern Illinois University, the Chair of the Membership Committee.

Second World Congress was held in San Francisco in August 18-23, 1997. The following is an article summarizing the conference - The Second World Congress on Fluency Disorders by Michael J. Retzinger, MS, CCC-SLP, from The Communication Connection On-Line a bi-monthly publication of the Wisconsin Speech-Langauge-Hearing Association, November/December 1997

last modified, February 12, 1998