Affiliated with the University of Alberta

A non-profit society founded by Einer Boberg, PhD and Deborah Kully, MSc in1986 to:

  • provide efficient and effective treatment of stuttering for all degrees of severity and all ages;
  • train clinicians and speech-language pathology students in specialized therapy for stuttering;
  • conduct research into the nature and treatment of stuttering;
  • increase public understanding and awareness of stuttering.

    Staffed by fully qualified speech-language pathologists who are highly trained in the treatment of stuttering.

    Over 24 years of research and experience underlie the therapy approaches which vary according to age and severity and are tailored to individual needs. Treatment of chronic stuttering includes training in fluency management skills, avoidance reduction, attitude change and interpersonal skills development - with strong emphasis on transfer and post-treatment maintenance. Both individual and intensive group clinics are offered. Careful scientific studies of the long-term effects of the therapy have been published in professional journals.

    Fees are reduced because of donations and financial assistance is available.

    For information:
    Address: 3rd floor, 8220 - 114 st
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T6G 2P4
    Phone: 403 492-2619
    Fax: 403 492-8457
    Home page: soon to appear
    updated November 18, 1996