Cost: $4,130.00 with necessary hardware or $580.00 as a software add-on to an existing Cafet system
Computer: IBM compatibles, 286 up
Op. Sys: DOS
Color monitor required
Manual Length: 125 pages, printed

Cafet-for-Kids is a program designed for use by a speech-language pathologist in clinical treatment of stuttering in children aged 5 to 12. The hardware, consisting of a plug-in circuit board, respiratory sensor, and tie-clip microphone, offers the stuttering child continuous real-time visual biofeedback that integrates airflow characteristics with voicing time and amplitude simultaneously, in the form of video game graphics, each of which teaches a new phonatory and respiratory skill, including diaphragmatic breathing, continuous airflow, pre-voice exhalation, syllable stretch, continuous phonation. The targets are manipulable by the clinician to meet individual client needs.

Session data is automatically captured on a separate diskette for later printout.

Included in the price of the original system with hardware is a complete manual with stimulus lists and a three day training seminar for the administering clinician.

Either program can be purchased as the initial system with hardware. The other program can be purchased at the same time or later as a software add-on.