This program runs for three weeks, five days per week, and eight hours per day. During the first two weeks the client is totally immersed in the training process, developing skills and immediately integrating the skills into practical application with others in the group. Week three is devoted to "real life" application. This involves practice on the telephone, presenting speeches, and practice in many situations outside the clinic setting.

During the training process, the therapist helps to first identify the physical movements that result in dysfluent speech. Then the client is guided through a physical training process to retrain those muscles. In this way the client is able to develop a finely tuned sense of what a smoothly coordinated speech muscle system feels like. The program involves whole body training, stress reduction training, and attitude training.

Cost: $800 deposit and $2800 30 days before the program start date

Total Fluency Immersion Training
27 West 20th Street, Suite 1203
New York, NY 10011
Catherine Otto, Director