Table 2a

Activities to help break
Perceptual Barriers

1. Calling for the TIME.
2. Role-play talking on a telephone (intra-office use is best).
3. Calling information to ask for city/state.
4. Calling a store to find out their hours.
5. Calling a store for its location.
6. Calling a store to find the price of an item.
7. Calling a store for the existence of two items. Asking the price of each item.
8. Calling for directions to a store from your locale.
9. Calling a store to find out if they have something you know they don't have.
10. Calling a market to find the price of a particular food item.
11. Calling to make a restaurant reservation.
12. Calling to cancel a restaurant reservation.
13. Calling a friend or relative.
14. Calling an airline to see if they fly where you know they don't.
15. Calling for the price of a take-out or delivered food.
16. Calling to order take-out or delivered food.
17. Answering phone at hpme at a given time when therapist will call.
18. Carrying discussions with therapist over phone at home.
19. Calling for the price of a one-way or round trip ticket (train, plane, boat).
20. Calling to make an airline or train reservation.
21. Calling to cancel an airline or train reservation.
22. Asking therapist's associate (friend, relative, other person unknown to client) to call client on phone to ask simple question (instead of clinician at agreed upon time.)
23. Calling to answer a personal advertisement about an attribute you do not want in a particular item.
24. Calling to ask about two attributes of a particular item from a personal advertisement.
25. Calling a newspaper to ask costs to place an advertisement.