Supporting the 2nd African Conference on Stuttering

Most African nations have no training programs for speech-language pathology and no speech therapy services available. The stuttering self-help movement in Africa is a very important part of the solution to the great need faced by people who stutter in Africa. With the support of the International Stuttering Association, the 2nd African Conference on Stuttering is being planned for October 2008.

Please consider making a donation to this important conference.

In the past ten years, the International Stuttering Awareness Day online conferences have featured several papers presented by people in Africa who stutter, from fourteen different African nations (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Uganda, Mauritius, Kenya, Mauritania, Chad, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Mali, Ghana, South Africa, and Benin).

You might be interested in "meeting" some of the people involved in planning and others who hope to participate in the upcoming conference. Several of the authors below have been unable to obtain visas which would have allowed them to attend the National Stuttering Association (NSA) and the Canadian Association of People Who Stutter (CAPS) conferences where they had been invited to present, and had hoped to learn more about stuttering to bring back to their countries. They are working hard to bring and share good information about stuttering to their countries, and the African Conference is an important way for them to do that.

Read some of their articles from past ISAD online conferences about the tremendous need in their countries, including some that describe treatments these people have experienced personally in attempts to "cure" their stuttering.