Presented by Gerald F. Johnson, Ph.D.

1. Attitude: tolerate some stuttering because you will Continue to stutter anyway. Give yourself Permission to stutter easily. Freely, without Embarrassment, shame, or guilt.

2. Mechanics of speaking: easy speech, especially on first words.

3. Tension is a danger sign: what to do about tension

(for #3, a & b use the rules listed under #2)

4. Practice stuttering as you are talking because you will be able to practice your rules when you do. You will know that stuttering is something you do and not something that just happens to you. Stuttering is nothing to be afraid of.

5. Avoiding speaking is a danger sign. Do not avoid when you want to talk. But don't feel you have to talk all the time either. Approach talking vigorously - make talking a priority.

6. Increase your talking time and expand upon the ideas You are talking about. Think of something more to say. Practice by reading (25%), monologue (25%)-pick a topic And talk about it, and conversation (50%).

7. H.S.S. - high stimulus speech: use easy speech and feel the smooth speech movements that you have been practicing above. Use h.S.S. On 90% of the words you speak, especially when you feel safe.

8. Reward yourself for practicing your rules by talking any way you want to. But when you do this be careful of any tension you might have. Speak spontaneously. without thinking about the words. Take risks. Let 'er rip. Do not monitor your speech all the time.

9. Talk to people about your stuttering and what you are doing to help yourself. Ask them about their opinions.

10. Make these rules your life style. You must live by these rules 365 days a year. Continue to practice these rules daily. Luck has nothing to do with these rules. The more perspiration the better.

added November 3, 1998