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Gerald Johnson, PhD, is professor emeritus of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he helped establish and administer their communicative disorders program. His clinical expertise is with people who stutter. Currently he is the executive director of the American Institute for the Management of Stuttering in Grafton (Milwaukee), Wisconsin. He has presented and published extensively in the area of stuttering and provided an extensive packet of his materials which are linked below. Some of the materials will also be found throughout the Stuttering Home Page in appropriate areas. Several of the materials reflect Johnson's professional collaberation with Maxine M. Johnson who was a speech and language pathologist for the Stevens Point Area Schools for over 26 years and was instrumental in developing their program. Maxine received her B.S. from Western Michigan University and her M.S. from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. She and Jerry have collaborated on many presentations over their 43 years of marriage.JAK

Stuttering information for significant others, adults, and Speech and Language Pathologists

  • A Short List of Organizations to Contact
  • How to Choose a Therapy/Therapist
  • Suggestions to Adult Persons Who Stutter
  • Self-confrontation: A Personalized Therapy for Persons Who Stutter
  • Suggestions for Modifying Some Personal Attitudes of Person Who Stutter
  • Ten Commandments for Long-Term Maintenance of Acceptable Self-Help Hard-Core Stutterers (originally published in the Journal of Fluency Disorders, 12(1987), 9-18, and put online by CAPS after a conference presentation. Now in the "Way Back Machine" -- scroll down to find the article.
  • Good Stuttering-Bad Stuttering, a workshop handout on Suggestions for managing your stuttering
  • Ten Rules for Talking
  • Stuttering Therapy: Is It The Right Side Of The Brain, The Left Side, Or Is It The Heart?, Ottawa Conference CAPS, 1993, put online by CAPS. Now in the "Way Back Machine" -- scroll down to find the article.

    Stuttering information for caregivers, children, and Speech and Language Pathologists

  • Signals: For Parents of Children Who Stutter, first published in the Speak Easy Newsletter, Winter, 1983
  • Ten Suggestions to Caregivers of Children Who Stutter
  • Environmental Reorganization For Children Who Stutter by Gerald and Maxine Johnson
  • Stuttering -- Entrance -- Exit Requirements developed for the Stevens Point Area Public Schools
  • Jane: A Stuttering Child by her Mother, as told to Maxine M. Johnson, M.S. CCC/SLP
  • When It Comes to Assessment Parents Know Best, by Janice Westbrook, Ph.D. Staff newsletter, February, 1995.
  • Letter to the Parents of a Three Year Old Boy
  • Therapy for 13 year old boy, moderate stutterer.
  • Hints, suggestions, ideas, and stuff like that
  • Therapy for Children Who Stutter
  • 101 Ways to Praise Your Child


  • Dr. Van by Gerald and Maxine Johnson.
  • Johnson, Gerald, A Clinical Study of Porky Pig Cartoons, first published in JFD, 12 (1987), 235-238
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