The announcements for the 1999 online conference were accidentally deleted. However, most of them were found in the Wayback Machine ( and are provided below. JAK

This page was created to post announcements of International Stuttering Day 1999 (ISAD99) events around the world and other information related to ISAD.

ISAD99 online conference Judy Kuster 8/13/99

Walk and Talk around the World Christine Simpson 8/13/99

Workshop Day - Kids/Teens Who Stutter -Portland, ME Marybeth Allen 8/25/99

Walk and Talk - South Africa Robbie Cameron 8/25/99

ISAD/AMBI - Israel Benny Ravid 9/1/99

Workshop Day for Kids & Teens Who Stutter, Their Families, and Friends Lucy Reed 9/3/99

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky - NSA Youth Day Tom Scharstein 9/3/99

ISAD - Argentina Beatriz Biain de Touzet 9/5/99

Stuttering information lending library, Columbus, OH Dave Scarbrough 9/9/99

ISAD 99 BELGIUM Gert Reunes Chairman vzw BEST 9/25/99

WALK and TALK BELGIUM Gert Reunes (Chairman vzw BeSt) 9/25/99

NSP Workshop for Children Who Stutter and Their Parents Facilitated by Gail Wilson-Lew, SLP 9/30/99

The Fluency Conference Sponsored by NSSLHA Love Campaign 9/30/99

ISAD 99 in Toronto Beth McMillen 9/30/99

Drama Workshops for Stutterers Paul Brocklehurst (United Kingdom) 10/1/99

NSA Phoenix Chapter Youth Day Amy Johnson 10/2/99

Korea Self-Help Group Conference Moonja Shin 10/2/99

ISAD in Pittsburgh J. Scott Yaruss 10/4/99

Chatroom scheduled for October 22 Clarion University students 10/12/99

NSP/A Manhattan Chapter at The Today Show on ISAD Jeff Shames 10/18/99

Article in campus newspaper Paul Engelman 10/18/99

MY TV Appearance Ira Zimmerman 10/19/99

ISAD 99 in Iceland Benedikt Benediktsson 10/20/99

Open Line for People Who Stutter in Israel Jeremy Sulzbacher 10/21/99

ISAD in Seuol, Korea K.H. Cho 2/11/00

ISAD99 in Argentina Beatriz Biain de Touzet 3/26/00