International Stuttering Awareness Day

in the

City of Pittsburgh

WHEREAS, the citizens of the great City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are known for their empathy, caring and concern for their fellow citizens; and

WHEREAS, the general welfare and support of people who stutter can be improved by a greater public awareness and understanding of the problem of stuttering; and

WHEREAS, widespread recognition of the obstacles faced by people who stutter contributes to their ability to overcome the handicapping effects of the condition; and

WHEREAS, the support and understanding of others strongly contribute to the success of people who stutter; and

WHEREAS, supporting the needs of people who stutter strengthens and benefits all citizens; and

WHEREAS, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Stuttering Project and the STAR Center at Duquesne University have worked to serve members of the greater Pittsburgh community, the nation and the world who stutter; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, TOM MURPHY, Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, do hereby proclaim October 22, 1998 as


In the City of Pittsburgh and urge all my fellow citizens to recognize the struggle of people who stutter and the efforts of all who contribute to support them.