The National Stuttering Association


Chelsea Alt and Teresa Mrnik




Mission Statement: The National Stuttering Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing hope, dignity, support, education, and empowerment to children and adults who stutter and their families.


Goals for implementing values:

1.       Providing adequate resources.

2.       Providing outreach and support locally and nationally for people who stutter.

3.       Providing outreach online.

4.       Increasing public awareness and understanding of stuttering.

5.       Improving availability and quality of assistance for those who stutter.

6.       Strengthening alliances and related organizations.

7.       Encouraging and facilitating future research.


Ø       Family/child

Ø       Adult

Ø       Letting Go

Ø       Our Voices (insert)

Ø       Stutter Buddies

Ø       Connections Advocacy Resources Empowerment

Ø       June 28-July 1, 2006 in Long Beach, California



Ø       Children

Ø       Teens

Ø       Adults

Ø       Job applicants


Consumer advocacy: