Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP)


By Erika Rodriguiez and Liz Zupan


·         This program was designed by Dorvan H. Breitenfeldt Ph.D. CCC-SLP, a stutterer himself, and Delores Rustad Lorenz M.S. CCC-SLP in 1954

·         It is an intensive therapy program designed for adolescents and adults over 15

·         It was designed to help stutterers recognize the fact that they’re stutterers and to help them manage their disfluency through different techniques

·         The program provides a practical , hands-on approach to stuttering therapy

·         The program is available as a packaged program or as a summer program through Eastern Washington University

·         Has been translated into German and Spanish and there are now ongoing workshops in Germany, Argentina, and South Africa

·         Another summer camp has been started in Salt Lake City, Utah


SSMP Packaged Program

·         The packaged program costs $54.95 plus tax

·         It is in its second edition

·         The clinician should be an AHSA certified SLP

·         Designed for individual or group therapy (but written for a group)

·         Group therapy is encouraged for mutual support

·         Is a program of “doing” stuttering not philosophizing about it

·         Stuttering is not curable, but the stutterer can learn to manage their stuttering

·         Includes 17-session therapy plans with objectives and procedures

·         A compact disk program accompanies the program that includes prolongations and cancellation drills and exercises

·         Includes reproducible therapy handouts

·         Includes reward techniques and reinforcers

·         Includes charts, journals, drills, and logs to work on areas of stuttering

·         Includes home assignments, as well as encouragement tips for family and friends

·         A certificate of completion is given at the end of the program

·         Can be used in schools, therapy, hospitals, privately or in university settings


Three week intensive program

·         A summer program offered through Eastern Washington University

·         Runs for 3 ½ weeks

·         Costs $800 for diagnostic and therapy and approximately $750 for room and board

·         Some scholarships are available

·         Only 10 participants are accepted

·         Participants stay in dormitory housing for the opportunity to relate closely with each other

·          Participants have therapy 4 hours a day for 6 days a week.

·         They work in pairs and small groups on the weekend as well

·         Word and situation fears are worked on through activities such as telephone conversations, talking to groups or classes, and talking to strangers

·         The final 10 days of the program focus on three management techniques

1) Prolongation-Exaggerating the first sound of the first word of a sentence

2) Cancellation-Pausing two or three seconds after stuttering, and then trying the word again for a better pronunciation

                  3) Pullout-Pulling off a blocked word and sliding forward

·         The program also uses negative practice, where stutterers purposely stutter

·         There is also a follow-up program to assist with maintaining improvement

·         The program has run for over 35 summers