This edition of the student "journal" is dedicated to a class project from Charles Osborne's graduate class in stuttering at the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point. The class members teamed to present eight "posters" and powerpoint presentations on various approaches to stuttering therapy. To open the presentations, you must have a powerpoint player installed on your computer. Some web browsers will open the powerpoints directly, others will download the powerpoints to your computer for you to view.

Stuttering Modification Therapy - Van Riper
by Melissa Brzezinski, Kim Miesen, and Katie Staniszewski

Freedom of Fluency - Daly
by Kristie Pruno and Kelly Dunbar

Stuttering Intervention Program - Pinzola
by Jackie Rollins, Danielle Knutson & Signe Ziolkowski

Personalized Fluency Control Therapy - Cooper and Cooper
by Emily Dewane and Lacey Spahn

Comprehensive Stuttering Program - Boberg and Kully
by Sarah Haag, Megan Nell, and Amy Schofield

Hollins - Webster
by Sally Sudmeier and Sarah Schultz

Systematic Fluency Training for Young Children - Shine
by Allison Halada and Yvonne Waukau

SpeechEasy - Kalinowski, Stuart, and Rastatter
by Pam Bartel and Amanda Tosic

added March 1, 2004