This edition of the student "jouoject from Charles Osborne's graduate class in stuttering at the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point. The class members teamed to present ten "posters" and powerpoint presentations on various approaches to stuttering therapy. To open the presentations, you must have a powerpoint player installed on your computer. Some web browsers will open the powerpoints directly, others will download the powerpoints to your computer for you to view.

Camperdown Program
by Katie Harke, Shannon Olk, and Jackie Stankowski

Cooper Personalized Control Therapy
by Brooke Hermus and Haley Mueller

Dell's Changing Attitudes and Modifying Stutters
by Kelly Brauer and Natasha Check

Easy Does It
by Emily Meadows and Katia Rinehart

Family-Focused Treatment
by Brea Huehnerfuss and Jodi Paquett

Forward Moving Speech
by Nicole Sier and Linda Kubisch

Gradual Increase in Length and Complexity of Utterance (GILCU)
by Liz Boettcher, Kate Hintz, and Renee Reetz

by Bethany King and Kelly Barden

Pharmacological Approaches to Stuttering
by Stepheni Balcsik, Veronica Janke, and Maggie Kreitzman

Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP
by Jean Spreitzer and Cortney Sorge

added February 3, 2007