This edition of the student "journal" is dedicated to a project from Charles Osborne's graduate class in stuttering at the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point. The class members teamed to present eight "posters" and powerpoint presentations on various approaches to stuttering therapy. To open the presentations, you must have a powerpoint player installed on your computer. Some web browsers will open the powerpoints directly, others will download the powerpoints to your computer for you to view.

by Renee Koskey and Kelly Vant

Color Me Fluent
by Sarah Benjamin and Annette Boldt

Pharmaceutical Approaches to Stuttering
by Jennifer VanHulle, Justine Siepmann, and Kristin Scheunemann

The Lidcombe Program
by Heidi Austin and Megan Colemer

Holllins Communication Research Institute
by Alicia Cruver and Kasey Jacob

Camperdown Program
by Kim Corrigal and Laura Schuster

Van Riper's Stuttering Modification Approach
by Rachael Musielewicz and Jenna Stewart

New England Fluency Program
by Nikki Krenz and Amber Price

added February 3, 2008