Kid to Kid

a place to share advice with younger kids who stutter

Carl, almost 12, wrote, "Don't be afraid to ask people something you don't know the answer to and to raise your hand in school. I feel that people that stutter should be judged by the inside not the outside. To make my speech better I think about what I'm going to say and use slow and easy speech." (April 16, 1998)

My name is James. I am nine years old. The best thing that helps me with my speech is I stop at periods and commas. I do that when I am speaking or reading. It slows me down so that I have an easy time talking. (July 22, 1999)

My name is Jonathan and I am nine and in third grade. If you feel like you are hanging out with losers, then ask them if they feel like they are losers. Because if they are your friends then you shouldn't think they are losers and you shouldn't care what people think about you or your friends. If you ever feel that you are being teased, just say, "Hey are you sure that you aren't the losers, and not us?" Because if they are calling you a loser, then they really are the loser. Just say, "Hey, I can grow out of it." (February 23, 2005)