Some Examples of Stuttering to Show Your Friends

Help your friends learn more about stuttering. Show them some of these examples of how people stutter in lots of different ways. Below are links to some sound and video clips in which, if you watch or listen carefully, you might see and hear some examples of stuttering. Listen to some of them with your friends and see if they can help you pick out where these people are stuttering. Some of these will require special software on your computer and some are pretty big so may take a long time to download. Ask mom or dad or your speech teacher to help you.

A video clip from Paulie and some more information about the movie. There is even a Paulie web page

Several sound tracks of James Earl Jones, including on being cast as Darth Vader's voice and His relatives and fame.

Check out the Bo Jackson sound clips.

Listen to Bruce Willis in his Career overview. Does he stutter now or not?

Rowan Atkinson - Mr. Bean, used to stutter quite a bit. Maybe you can still hear some examples in these sound clips.

Sir Winston Churchill was a very famous person who stuttered. There are some examples of parts of his speeches on the Internet.

Some Speech Therapists/College Professors who sometimes stutter when they talk

added October 16, 1999